How to Install Dirt Lockers®

Need help with installing your Dirt Lockers®? You're in the right place! Watch the video below and follow the 7 simple steps to get your Dirt Lockers® installed in no time!

Step By Step Guide


Order Soil

We recommend a combination of 75% native or top soil, and 25% compost to backfill your system. If possible, get it delivered at the top of your hillside to let gravity do all the work!


Install J Hooks

Start with top row of J hooks and install them halfway into the soil (24”, 30”, or 36” apart according to your slope angle, or 12-16” apart if using smalls).


Assemble Your System

Assemble your Dirt Lockers® at the bottom of your hillside by inserting the cell tab into the cell slot to complete your first row. Then connect each additional row by inserting the row tab into the center slot. Bring them up the hill.


J Hook Placement

Use one J hook per Dirt Locker® plus one extra for the first row and the same applies for every fourth row thereafter (i.e. rows 1, 5, 9, 13, etc) All Dirt Lockers® in rows with unattached ends will need 1-2 J hooks. For a visual, click here.


Fill With Soil

Fill the top row with soil first, sculpting and leveling each Dirt Locker® in the row as you go. Make sure the Dirt Lockers® are a near-perfect semi-circle with the walls vertical. Repeat for each row, one at a time.


Add Plants

Start with smaller native plants to allow them to acclimate. Remember, you are no longer limited to hillside plants since each Dirt Locker® creates a terraced area.


Add Irrigation & Stepping Stones

We recommend drip irrigation to maximize the water efficiency per plant unit, or you can also use pre-existing sprinklers. Get creative with a zig-zag stepping path!