Our Mission

HillGrow Inc., DBA Dirt Locker®, is dedicated to designing and manufacturing environmentally positive products used in agriculture and landscaping that save water, stop erosion, protect plants, all while made domestically from recycled plastic. The patented Dirt Locker® is a hillside terracing system fabricated from 100% recycled HDPE plastic and made entirely in the USA. Each Dirt Locker® saves the equivalent of 13 plastic milk jugs from entering landfills and oceans. The company's values are to be environmentally involved, provide excellent affordable products made domestically, be easily assembled, and require no special skills or tools. The Dirt Locker® system creates a series of level, terraced cells for plants as well as individual hillside planters that will:

CAPTURE rainwater - reducing irrigation & saving water 

LOCK in topsoil & nutrients - stopping erosion & loss of fertilizer

PROVIDE optimal ecosystem - plants get more robust over time

CREATE a series of steps - allowing safe hillside access